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Catastrophe can happen in an instant. You are worth more than you think!

Each inventory is unique.  The length of time and cost are based upon the size and scope of the project. One client may have a large property with minimal furnishings and collections.  Another client may have a smaller home with multiple collections and assets.

The inventory process begins with a consultation of your needs and goals. Based upon that discussion, I recommend options to meet your needs and budget.  Once a decision is made, a formal agreement is signed and the onsite inventory is scheduled.

The on-site inventory consists of a walk-through of your home defining not only the plan for the photography, but carefully listening to items of particular importance to you to capture all the details so your needs and expectations are fully met. Your belongings are treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.  During the inventory process your home is documented with you providing direction and information about your prized possessions.  At the end of the session, you are given a USB flash drive that contains all of the photos taken, organized by room.

Your personal home inventory is created using state of the art, web-based software that is stored in the cloud with your personally chosen user name ad passwords.  Shortly thereafter, a visual record of each photo with its provenance, cost, receipts and appraisal value is available online.  Full inventories usually require a back and forth communication with the client to gather any uncollected information at the time of the onsite.  An Excel spreadsheet is provided to the client to assist with the information gathering.

This record of your assets is useful in identifying if you are adequately insured, a backup to insurance claims, helpful in creating your estate plan, divorce settlement and home remodeling records.

  1. The Consultation
    During our first meeting we will explain our services to you and conduct a walk through of location to get a clear idea of which home inventory package will suit your needs and make sure your assets are protected in case of any catastrophic event.
  2. Video Records
    The series of video recordings of each room include full room views from different perspectives, a video shot of each wall and close-up videos shots of specific key assets. We will video record the Interior and also create an exterior video of the home are also included.
  3. Home Inventory
    The series of digital photos of each room include full room views from different perspectives, a photo of each wall and close-up photographs of specific key assets. Exterior building shots are also included.
  4. Computerized Report
    Complementing the digital record is an itemized list of your personal property. Organized by room (the format preferred by insurance companies), the detailed description includes manufacturer, model and serial numbers of electronics, appliances, power tools, etc.