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The Reasons Why You Should Have A Home Inventory 

A home inventory ensures you are not under‐insured, prepared for any claims,
on top of maintenance, and prepared for either moving or estate planning.

Why You Need A Home Inventory Right Now
You never know when a disaster may strike-
but you can be prepared with a home inventory.
A home inventory can help you

  • Buy the amount of insurance you need
  • Get your Insurance claim settled faster
  • Verify losses for your income tax return
  • Keep track of the belongings you've accumulated over the years
  • It can help you with your estate
  • You can keep important documents safe


This video shows the importance of having your own home inventory. This video and company are not local, but the message applies to all of us. Having a home inventory, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, is a MUST.

 Home Inventory: What The Experts Say...

Dividing up heirlooms can be touchy